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black eyes by wingman2699
black eyes
can you please give an opiniom on me?
doesn't matter what you say...

    If I could describe myself only using a few words they would have to be: unreliable, frantic, unhappy, ugly and dull. Rather accurate, almost like a mirror image, I was overweight, my hair was a mess, I had a poor choice in fashion and I was socially awkward towards everyone, so awkward in fact that I would have panic attacks or completely freeze up if I was to be confronted by someone, I would stare at them blankly until they would ignore me and walk away.
    But it is strange how things can suddenly change, I remember that day as if it were any other, I had just finished work and I was heading to my favourite café in town when I first spotted her, she was around my height, a little shorter than me, but not by much, she had long black hair that curled as it came to its ends, and she herself was quite the looker, it made my stomach shrivel up just thinking about her at this point, and I didn't even know her name yet.
    I quickly headed inside the café, hoping that she would pass by and be gone, out of my life for eternity. But I was wrong, because as soon as I sat down in my usual spot in the booth at the back of the café, she came striding through the door, accompanied by a friend of similar description, they stood around the front for a moment, ordering food and drinks among other things, which gave me time to look at her more closely.
    She had trim legs, acid green toes, a short fluffy tail with an array of green colours in it, she also had green fingers too, her hair was longer than I had thought, it came near to the centre of her back.
    She then turned and our eyes met for the first time, I panicked and looked down into my lap and pretended that I was tapping away at my phone, I looked up for a brief moment and I saw her smile at me, I panicked again and pretend to put my phone away and grab the newspaper which lie on the table, I opened it up on a random page and frantically started reading to avoid eye contact, I heard her chuckle as she witnessed my embarrassment. 
    I carried on reading my newspaper, but I was constantly looking up from the articles to get another glimpse of her, she was now sat at the table in front of me with her friend. I kept my gaze on her for much longer than I should have, because her friend sitting opposite her looked around at me, I blushed a cherry red and threw my eyes in front of the newspaper as I heard the two girls giggling to each other.
    I sighed, rustled the paper and carried on reading, unaware of the girl now sitting in front of me, she sat there and watched me read for a moment or two before she spoke up.
    "Hey!" She greeted abruptly, which made me jump out of my skin before I slammed the paper down on the table, my heart pounded away in my rib cage as I glanced her up and down. She looks even better up close. My cheeks started to heat up as deep cherry red blush came across my face.
    "Uhm... H-Hi..." I stuttered, before coughing awkwardly into my palm. But she didn't care; she rested her chin on top of her palms and stared dreamily at me.

    I let out another cough into my palm and reclined back in my seat, attempting to get as far away from her as possible to which she leaned forward a little more in her seat with her chin still in her palms.

    “So what do you do?” She asked as her tail slowly flicking to the left. I glazed at her for a moment, the question she asked still being processed in my brain. Oh, she’s one of THOSE girls. I thought to myself as I edged closer to her.

    “I know what you’re trying to do; you’re trying to see if I have money so you can leach off of me.” I accused as I folded my arms with disappointment. She gave me a look of disgust as she lifted her chin from her palms.

    “How dare you make such a bold accusation! I was only asking for goodness sake!” She retaliated, before attempting to leave her seat. But I grabbed her wrist before she could make her escape. Oh great. I thought as she shot an evil look at me.

    “I… Listen… Ugh… I'm sorry. That was uncalled for. Please, sit back down. Let’s try this again.” I apologized before she then took her seat once more, her eyes directed that the floor to my right.

    “I'm a recruitment consultant.” I stated calmly as I placed my hands on top of my newspaper. Her ears perked up slightly and she glanced back over to me. Oh god, what’s she going to do. I dreaded what her reply was going to be.

    “Recruitment consultant… As in helping people find jobs?” She questioned as her ears perked all the way up. She must be quite interested. I thought as my eyes shot a glance at her fluffy ears.

    “Yes, I help people find jobs… specifically in the construction industry.” I explained as I gave another glance to her ears, they had pointed down a little bit, clearly this is something she wasn't intrigued by.

    “And what is it you do?” I asked. Her eyes aimed down and she rubbed her arm nervously.

    “I'm in med school. Not too interesting if you ask me. I've only been there for a few months.” She stated.
    "Med school? As in helping people with their health?" I smirked as placed my elbow on the table and placed my chin against the palm of my right hand. She chuckled a little bit and swished up tail up to her chest.
    "Hmhm. You're funny." She responded as she wrapped her arm around the tip of her green and black tail. I reclined back in my chair and looked down into my lap and blushed a little bit more whilst I intertwined my fingers and thumbs, lowered my ears and flicked my tail from side to side.
    "I'm not funny..." I murmured. And without my knowledge she had stood up and was now leaning over the table to lift my chin so that our eyes interlocked. Her eyes were a stunning mixture of green and black and they gleamed as bright as the stars in the night sky at this distance.
    Oh my goodness... I thought while I was being mesmerised. She was still leaning over the table, but while I was mesmerised she brought herself back to her chair and with that my entity followed. She sat down and crossed her right leg over her left and her tail swished from side to side. But my eyes were eagerly watching hers. My jaw quivered as I brought myself to speak.
    "W-W-What's your name?" I asked nervously. I could feel myself warming up and my cheeks becoming redder by the second. She only chuckled and grinned at me.
    "Not telling. You'll have to figure it out."
    Figure it out? How? I thought to myself as I broke eye contact with her, examining her body a little more. 
    "Well, either way, my name is Sebastian. Pleasure to meet you..." I then noticed her necklace which clearly stated her name. How did I not notice that? 
"...Aeon?" She smiled and nodded. 
"That's me, nice to meet you too."

I am all alone and need some company.

Add me - joel.wing1

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Thanks for reading.
I am all alone and need some company.

Add me - joel.wing1

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Thanks for reading.


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